Windows 7 Speech Recognition to Control Remote Desktop and/or Virtual Machine

John McLernon

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Hey people. I've been using windows speech recognition software since it was included in Windows Vista and now windows 7. To be completely honest I didn't really think that a free voice recognition system was gonna be that good because I've used many in the past and they weren't very accurate, so I was very impressed when I started to use this feature and found that it was accurate and very useful. The one big limitation to me is that it seems that I cannot control a remote desktop or a virtual machine, apart from mouse controls, with this voice system. What I was wondering was, does anyone know is it possible to extend or upgrade the possibilities of this system to allow me to do this? If not, this may be of a good note for Microsoft to include in any future updates. Thanks in advance for your help.


Joe Cisneros

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Hi John,

Did you ever find a solution to this? I totally agree with you about the OOTB Speech Recognition features in Windows 7. I just set it up and I'm wondering if I'll even be needing the Dragon NaturallySpeaking training that I just started..


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Hi John,
Di you find out how to solve it?
I have recently come across this article aboit voice recongnition. Hope you find it useful as I did.

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