Windows 7 Speech Recognition tutorial resolution


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May 6, 2009
hi i have tried to do the Speech recognition tutorial on my Acer Aspire One [8.9" screen] and the resolution for the tutorial is set at 1024x768 and my screen only goes as high as 600 so the tutorial wont start. I have used it on another machine[pc] and it works well but not on my netbook. Does anyone know of a lower res tutorial [links] or a work around, would attaching a higher res monitor work or is it based on the chipset drivers not monitor. thanks

It seems like you're facing a screen resolution issue while trying to follow a Speech recognition tutorial on your Acer Aspire One netbook with an 8.9" screen. The tutorial requires a resolution of 1024x768, but your netbook's screen only supports up to 600 pixels in height, causing the tutorial not to start.

Here are a few ways you can potentially address this issue:

1. Attaching a Higher Resolution Monitor:
- Attaching a higher resolution monitor might be a viable solution. By connecting an external monitor with a resolution of 1024x768 or higher to your netbook, you may be able to display the tutorial properly on the external monitor while working on your netbook.

2. Virtual Screen Resolution Adjustment:
- Some graphics drivers allow you to virtually adjust the screen resolution beyond the physical display capabilities. You can attempt to adjust the virtual screen resolution within the graphics settings of your netbook to accommodate the tutorial's requirements.

3. Compatibility Modes:
- Some applications have compatibility modes that allow them to run in specific resolutions. You can try running the tutorial in compatibility mode or adjusting its properties to see if it allows for lower resolutions.

4. Finding Lower Resolution Resources:
- Look for alternative tutorials or resources that support lower resolutions. This may involve searching for similar tutorials specifically designed for smaller screens or resolutions.

5. Software Workarounds:
- There might be software solutions that can help adjust the resolution or provide a workaround specific to your netbook. Searching online forums or support communities related to your netbook model may provide more insights.

6. Updating Drivers:
- Ensure that your chipset drivers and display drivers are up to date. Sometimes, driver updates can improve resolution support and compatibility with certain applications.

Before proceeding with any of the above methods, it would be beneficial to research and confirm if they are suitable for your specific scenario. If you decide to attach an external monitor, remember to check if your netbook supports external monitor connections and the resolutions it can output.