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I own Dutch home edition windows 7 on my new laptop. There is no speech recognition module that came with the software.
Is it possible to use the English version SAPI 5.1 with windows 7? (installing with compatibility mode XP)
I use software that only uses English speech recognition, and works best with XP.

The SR modules that comes with thr "bigger" versions of Windows 7 gives a lot of troubles with the program, because there are a lot of instructions that works also with the Windows 7 interface.
The software i use = London Control (Air traffic control simulation)

Thanks for your help, if a solution is possible.


Make sure to disable UAC. Use XP compatibility mode. (If you have any earlier SAPI versions installed, uninstall them first).

The application I need to install on Win 7 installs SAPI 5.1. Are you saying this SAPI is to be uninstalled? Would the speech recognition be expected to work with the Win 7 SAPI ( is that 6? )? I want it to work with Win 7 Pro x32 and x64.

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Windows has its own speech recognition, unless that is in Ultimate only!

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