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Greetings. I have just joined Windows 7 forums today. I have noticed that there may be a few threads regarding 'boot up' in Windows 7. However, after performing some small technical tasks, I decided to post the results for the benefit of everyone.
We presently were operating with DSL for a while. Not bad, but slow to upload or download. We had FIOS installed which gave us the benefit of 4.99 GHz download and 2.25 GHz upload. This was quite a difference from 1 GHz download and 768 megabit upload.
To begin, there was an issue the very first day regarding internet and phone. The internet was apparently corrected by conducting line tests at 3:00 a:m. However, the phone was a continual problem for nearly six days. The phone would ring, then a busy signal would occur. Other times, the call would be cut 'dead'; local or long distance. All transmission was carried through a landline.
Following this, or in unison with this, was that my Symantec Endpoint started displaying DOs on legitimate sites, such as Chrome: browser, EHow.com, etc. I was not aware of this aspect at the time (DOs) being an option in Symantec. In the same instant, the Symantec Live Update was X'd out. Could not remove Symantec, after trying to correct the Live Update. I did a complete recovery, which lasted about eighteen hours, going through every aspect of the computer.
After spending nearly five days on the telephone with FIOS, the problem was corrected by replacing the external box (don't know the name of the box).
When the system (Windows 7) was back to somewhat normal, I noticed the boot time had dramatically increased to nearly an additional 40 seconds. Prior to performing a recovery, I had taken pictures, or logged every feature which I had previously set in place. In this respect, I could not understand why the 'boot time' was increased after performing a recovery, and installing the same identical items. Nearly one day later, I disabled the Windows gadgets. I gained about 35 to 40 seconds, in terms of a quicker start up. Prior to this, all startup programs were not running upon start up, including security. By the process of a step by step analysis, I remembered the Windows gadgets; to disable. There has been some mention of Microsoft as applying a patch for their gadgets, and of presenting a security issue.
Let me say this much. Boot up time was anywhere from 1:30 and longer with Windows gadgets being enabled. Upon disabling Windows gadgets, boot up time is about 50 seconds. That is some difference. I even disabled HP games prior to this, and that did not help. So, by process of elimination, I found that Windows gadgets presents a significant detriment to the system.
I hope that this may be of assistance to any that may be stumped by following the required steps for faster boot-up. Any and all replies are most welcome.

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I removed all gadgets for security and boot reasons as well. I was using yahoo weather too, oh well. I manage my boot processes with Soluto, it does a fine job, and it's free. :)

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