Speedfan 4.37


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a first of sorts. A no minute no day Final Release. You will find this at Speedfans Web Site under downloads. As I understand it some new chip sets or set added and some tweaks and thats it. So much for beta testing.


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What! Already? Is this a full version release?.... I'll check it out, thanks for the heads up. It's nice to know that software is now catching up with my hardware. Everest now reports my Northbridge temp as 35C, where as before it reported a temp of 85C!! (As did Sandra, Speedfan ect..) So I'm hoping this release will report the true temp too, I'll post back and let you know.

Nope it's still the same...bugger! I've sent a report to the guy 'unwinder' although that was a while ago. I'll just have to be patient thats all...:rolleyes:


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Yeap this one got me by surprise also. Seems there was no Beta period at all this time. Though the next Beta will be out very shortly I presume. Must have been a slight problem to have caused such a fast release right?

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