Speeding up Windows 7

Running Windows 7 Home Premium on the Toshiba T110/00D, and despite using msconfig to stop some of the many programs from loading up at boot time, I still find that it boots up in 2 minutes, which is still pretty slow for me. I was just wandering what else I can do to speed Windows 7 up substantially, possibly even to the extent where I get a 1 minute boot time.

Hardware specs (just for comparison):
1.3GHz Pentium Dual Core
4 GB RAM (using 64-bit OS so all is addressable)
Intel GMA 4500M graphics accelerator

try watching the results from going to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools\Advanced Tools , windows 7 will throw up a few suggestions there as to what might be slowing down your boot up :p

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