Spontaneous Reboot/Shutdown

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by jberlinsky, Oct 29, 2006.

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    Oct 29, 2006
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    I am not sure if I am using RC1 or Beta 2...I had a unlabled DVD of each and couldnt tell the difference...my build number is 5365

    I just installed Vista on my laptop (Intel 9xxGME GPU), and I have been having problems with it. They started when I installed Madden '07. I got midway through the first quarter of Madden (15 minutes or so) and the laptop actually shut down (this is probably a reboot...my laptop doesnt reboot right, it just shuts off). Then, I was running maybe 5 non-intensive applications, and the laptop did the same thing. I can only assume that the crash(es) have to do with RAM usage?

    System specs:

    1.66GHz Core Duo
    1GB RAM
    100GB SATA HDD
    Intel 9xx GPU
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    5365 came out before Release Candidate 1, and from what I can tell, a lot of major bugs were fixed during this time. I had major problems with 5365 myself (explorer restarting randomly -- everything)

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