Spoofing GPU to run a high end game.


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There is a known solution used with a small program called 3D Analyze.

This solution did not work for me when I tested it with two games.

The game I am trying to get to run at the moment is Warcraft III Reforged. It works in 2 modes. It is currently launching with classic setting which uses the same graphics as the original one from 2003. That defeats the purpose. I want to run it in Reforged mode which uses much better graphics.

I installed the game on 3 devices that I have here but all failed to get it to working in that mode. Apparently none of them meet the requirements to do so.

So I want to find a way to fool the game into thinking that I do have the requirements to run it. One of the devices that I am using can run just about any game. I played all Spellforce games including the one that came out in 2020. I played them all on minimum setting with lag but at least it worked.

Is there a way to changed the games programing and change the requirements so that it works.

There is a switch button in video options to change it to what I want. It does not work and gives a msg that I don't have the requirements to run it in the other mode.


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A graphics card is hardware and has physical limitations. If what you have doesn't support certain features the computer would likely just crash or you'd burn out your current GPU since it physically can't keep up with the game. Another likely scenario is the game would run so poorly it wouldn't be playable.

There is no way to fake it. That 3D-Analyse as stated only emulates a couple of features and states it only works for some games.


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Ok, is there another way to emulate a GPU other than 3D-Analyze or swiftshader?

One time I used a wrapper to run a game in just software accelerator.

Do you know any Wrapper that I can test to do similar things?


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Not that I'm aware of. Any type of emulation would have to be handled by the CPU and memory, so you'd still end up overwhelming your hardware


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What type of GPU are you using?

Over at overclock.net......there's some guys that do alternative BIOS to some GPU's that increases performance of the card. I'm not into that sort of thing but it might be worth a look over there. That's all them guys/gals do over there......hence the name. They over clock everything.



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Just a thought, don't know if it helps, the other way around: right click on the desktop background, select 'NVidia configuration', open it and select '3D-settings', and on its turn select in that screen the tab 'Program settings' and add your game with the GPU of your choice to the list.


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I wish I have Nvidia. On all three laptops it is intel GPU or maybe not GPU. I think it just uses the CPU.

I think all I need to do is to trick the game into thinking that I have the minimum requirements posted below.

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 450 or AMD Radeon™ HD 5750 or better...

I don't want to overclock it as it is risky and might cause damage.

I did face an issue with another game on one of the laptops and finally launched it with a direct X wrapper, but then the game would just work on software acceleration and that is just too slow. So then I installed it on another laptop with slightly better specs and played it on minimum settings. I am sure that Spellforce III has more requirements than Warcraft III Reforged so that is why I need a way to trick the game into thinking I have the requirements.


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Can the built-in graphics be overclocked? I've never heard of it before.:numbness:
Practice theory

in theory yes any chip can be overcloaked
in Practice the internal Gpu has no design to handle extra heat like the Gpu normally does and so the outcome will be a dead chip unless the user is also replacing hardware... its also worth pointing out that internal chips have software to tell the system when to switch loads onto the Gpu for games \ rendors so overcloaking is unlikely to actually help the users because this software will assume normal chip cycles