Spoolsv.exe error with sound and wi-fi network problems


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Spoolsv.exe error with sound and wi-fi network problems - NEW INFO!

I know that there are tons of sites about the problem with spoolsv.exe errors, but none of the people out there seemed to have the same situation as me...

For some time now, I've been encountering some strange behavior of my system.I use the standard Win7 wi-fi connection manager. When I launch the system, the wi-fi card gets connected to the router and I can browse the Internet. However, the icon of the manager shows the signal strength bars with a blue circle (the circle that indicates loading sth everywhere else in Windows) which usually tells me that it is still connecting to the network. The circle doesn't spin, it's just stuck. Clicking on the icon doesn't bring up the available network list, so it just doesn't respond.

Also, the system cannot play sounds. Well, it surely cannot play sound from the Internet, like Grooveshark or Youtube. Music on Grooveshark doesn't even start, Youtube videos go silent. Actually I haven't tested if it cannot play sth e.g. from iTunes, but one time when I wanted to restart the computer short after startup, it showed that explorer is not responding, with the task "playing the log out tune" currently being performed, so maybe the same thing with "offline" sounds...

Then, after some time (usually it's 10-20 minutes after the I turn on the computer) a notification window is shown telling me that a program needs my action and when I accept it, the message appears about C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe experiencing a runtime error and requesting the Runtime to terminate it, or sth like this - so just the standard spoolsv.exe error message. And then... voila! The wi-fi icon shows just plain signal strtength bars and responds to my actions, and I can play sounds.

The information that I use a Lexmark X4975 wi-fi printer might be of some significance. I don't remember now exactly (and don't have any way to check it) but I'm nearly sure that the situation with the printer is quite similar - before the error I can't use it, and after - I can.

What might be the cause of all this and how to fix it? I just don't want to waste 20 min every time I turn the computer on...

EDIT !!!: Just now, I had another case of the problem, probably the largest in scale: as I turned my computer on, I couldn't run certain programs (iTunes, WMP, but also Windows Desktop Gadgets, Windows Anytime Upgrade and some other services from the Control Panel). However, I was able to listen to music over the Internet...Then after - again - sth like 20 minutes of work, the error popped up, and all the apps I launched before and that didn't actually open, appeared all at once!It certainly has sth to do with the spoolsv error, but there might be some other problems involved...This is no good, people.

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Re: Spoolsv.exe error with sound and wi-fi network problems - NEW INFO!

Not sure if this will actually help or not. I've personally had so much problem with Lexmark Printers taking over the Windows printing sub-system including the spooler service that I refuse to install them anymore. They make nice printers, no doubt, but man they can be a pain interacting with other printers or the operating system itself. So...
Take a look in the services console
click the start orb and type
and hit enter
scroll as needed and see if you can find something like
double click it and change the startup type to
Automatic (Delayed Start)
Check for any additional services beginning with LEX consider changing them to delayed start as well if they are currently set to automatic.


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Re: Spoolsv.exe error with sound and wi-fi network problems - NEW INFO!

Thanks for your reply!
It seems that I managed to find the cause of the problem just minutes before you posted it ;-) I mean - I thought that the lexmark software/driver is doing all the mess, so I decided to uninstall it... And then when the uninstallation process was running, I read your post :) Well, now that I restarted my compter, everything works as expected! Lexmark printers are evil. When I try to reinstall the printer (no option of changing it, unfortunately ;-( ), I'll certainly try to perform the actions you've mentioned. Thanks again!

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