Sporadic BSODs

Hi, I've been suffering from (the Win 8 equivalent of) BSODs every now and then on an otherwise very smooth new build.

A few moments before the BSOD, the task start bar at the bottom will disappear, things will become unresponsive, and then it will BSOD with 'CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED' and reboot.

I have the memory dumps & logs, can someone direct me as to what I should attach for you guys and how?



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On the bottom of the reply window is a Upload a File button. You can use that to attach the files. If you have several files, zip them first (right click-new-Compressed) and attach the .zip file.

The will need at least the dump files. Any logs might also be helpful. Start with those and if they need system tests done they may ask.

Thanks for your reply Saltgrass.

The only memory dump I can find is around 400MB. Is there some way to create a minidump from it?

Didn't windows forums used to have a diagnostics utility that collated diagnostic data into a zip?

Scratch that, found the w7f utility, zip file attached. Any advice'd be appreciated!


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Can you attach screenshot from bsod ? Normally system complain about some file. This would be good to see.M

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You have three (3) BugCheck EF "Critical_Process_Died" which are a bit innocuous and could almost literally be anything and then two slightly older 124's normally associated with a hardware issue.

My first suggestion would be to update your current BIOS to the one that is slightly newer that your current version
BiosVersion = 0805 BiosReleaseDate = 08/12/2013
From here http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Z87MPLUS/#support to 0806 09/25/2013 which reports to enhance system stability.
Please double check and confirm that I have linked to the proper board for your specific model.
My second suggestion would be to check with your SSD manufacturer Model BIWIN SSD http://www.biwin.com.cn/index.php/en_us/products/BIWIN-SSD.html and see if they have a firmware update for that drive.

Thanks for your replies.

Mozgie, I don't have a screenshot but it literally has no other technical information than 'CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED'.

Trouble, thanks for taking the trouble. There is indeed a firmware update available for my SSD too. I'll update both and get back to you.

Had one of them 'WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR's after updating the BIOS, but resetting the bios to optimal settings seemed to remedy that - the update must have knocked the auto overclock out of whack?

Apart from that, no complaints... So thanks for your help Trouble-- my critical processes seem very much alive, unless they are just being more sporadic than ever (in which case I'll start a new thread)!


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You're welcome.
And watch the over clocking (of any type). If Blue Screens persist return everything to default settings from over clocked settings to determine what might be causing them.

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