Sporadic Errors involving Win32.sys Bsod

Upon turning on the computer to get the dump files and other information needed in order to submit to this site, the keyboard drivers started acting up. It was nearly impossible to get it to boot with the ati card in there but I managed to do it just so I could post the info, I'm using the onboard currently though. Previously the blue screens have been occurring on a hourly basis, leaving the computer pretty much useless. I stumbled across this site rather recently, and hope that you gents can offer up some help in regards to my bsod's.
I've ran the following up until this moment: memtest for one pass showing up with no problems, chkdsk also showing no problems, and prime 95 for about 45 minutes again coming up with no problems. I'm hoping it to be a driver issue but I also think it could be related to ram, or a bad ram module on the motherboard itself. I have included the both methods suggested in the sticky to hopefully make it easier to spot the issue. Thanks in advance for already offering up some decent leads to my computer issue.


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Just to update anyone following the thread I ran memtest86+ for about 8 hours or so on both sticks separately, and they both were fine. I uninstalled both the logitech and ati software using the Revo uninstaller mentioned in the sticky. I'm still getting random bsod's (win32.sys which is the same one I've been getting) and unable to figure what I should uninstall next, I'm now thinking it's a driver issue, though I can't seem to find the culprit. I'm guessing some faulty motherboard software is causing issues but I have nothing to go off of really aside from the fact that the only time it stays up for more than an hour is when I'm running a memtest. The graphics card by the way is still not in my pc, I'm only using the onboard intel video chipset. I realize that it is the holidays, and everyone is busy. Some form of guidance on this issue though would be much appreciated though, happy holidays everyone :)

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Seems that nobody on here is offering any assistance for my issue. Nonetheless I sent back the mobo thinking it to be the problem only to get the same exact problem when I got the new mobo installed. I will be going through the same exact process once more and posting it shortly... Hopefully someone's paying attention on this site, though in all honesty I'm getting help from other sources as well.


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Hi Darko, Sorry Dude, I could of sworn blind I'd answered your OP before I scuttled off for the Xmas holidays. Stil got your files on my pc.

If you still require assistance, get in touch (PM me if needed!). We do end up with a bit of a backlog over the holiday period.

Regards Elmer.

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