SQL server/Missing NLS files

Hi, i`m new to this forum
Maybe this isn`t the right section but i`m in a hurry.

So i was trying to set up a server using microsoft sql server 2000(i have windows 7 ofc)
but i can't seem to attach databases, I`m getting an error message:

2012-06-03 12:19:26.21 spid51 Database 'gamedb' contains columns or parameters with the following code page(s) not supported by the operating system: 936, 950.

Someone told me that my windows was missing .NLS files from system32 and indeed it was,but the problem remained the same even after i downloaded the C_936.NLS and c_950.NLS files.

Any ideas how this could be fixed without installing a new windows.
Also, the NLS files i downloaded were 196 kbytes each, whereas all the other ones in my system32 folder were only 66 kbytes, which i think might be the problem.

Any ideas.? thanks in advance


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Hello and welcome to the forum.
As best as I can determine SQL 2000 will not work properly when installed on Windows 7 (or Vista for that matter) even after it's been service packed, updated, patched and hotfixed to the max there are still issues. Can you use something like SQL Express instead? I believe it is a free download Download: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details and while not as robust as the full version may serve to get you over the hump.

EDIT: Looks like they have r2 RTM available which may be more appropriate for a Windows 7 install http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=23650

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Yes i`m going to try it, but the thing is, i was using sql 2000 because i`ve set up a server before using that program + there are quite a few guides how to set up a server(for a specific game). I`ll just try this then but i doubt i`ll manage to do it since i`m not really good at stuff like this ...

Anyway, thanks for the tip!


Managed to set it up the right way with all the tools but exactly the same error message occurs so... It`s time to change windows i guess

ty again

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