SSD drives and Premiere Pro videos


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I just installed a 240 gb SSD corsair ForceGT Sata 3, primarily to boost Premiere Pro 5.5 performance. I have decided not to use an additional hard drive for a scratch disk, since it would not be as fast as the SSD drive. I have an additional 1TB 7200 hard drive. Now I was wondering, in terms of performance, whether to leave the actual video on the 1TB drive because of limited space. My reasoning is that once you open the video, it is in memory and my scratch disk would be the SDD drive. So any rendering and creation would be to the SSD drive. Any thoughts on my reasoning? I am new to Premiere and started creating music videos with my Nikon 3100. Premiere is such a bear to work with. I will just experiment but any advice or thoughts is appreciated.

I just put together a Biostar TZ7B with Sata 3, i5 processor, EVGA GTX 570 HD 2560mb video card, 16mb memory. Now with this SSD drive, this computer really flies. Boots in 15 seconds. Win7 64bit installed in less than 15 minutes. I was trying to keep the cost down but build a decent computer.


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