SSH Tunnels and Mapping Network Drive

Ok, so at my college, to connect to our network drives from home, we are given a stupid SSH utility that is horrible. Being a computer engineering major, I know that we can SSH tunnel our way to the server and then map the network drive. I have used the $40 program ExpanDrive to do this before so I know it works. However, I would like to be able to do this manually. Here's as much info as I can give you:

My IP address (behind my router) is (set to static with all the proper ports forwarded)

The college server IP address is (also static)

For demonstration purposes (if someone can help me) let's use a username/password such as name1/pass.

I have used PuTTY and been able to log into the college server (through my normal network adapter and through dummy loopback adapters), I just get stuck at the Map Network Drive part in Windows 7!

If someone could please tell me the exact ports to forward from IP to IP (I have currently be successful, I think, with port 139 to connect to the server, but it won't let me Map). Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I have tried many tutorials on many sites, but none seem to fit my specific needs! Thanks!

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