SSL VPN: Help need in setup or finding a suitable candidate


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I am looking for an easy to implement SSL VPN. Preferably something that comes pre-configured and Open Source (in other words, free. The host OS is Windows Server 2003 SBS, the Target OS for client computers are Windows 7-64bit and WinXP.

The idea is to give remote users in our small company the same kind of access they would as if they where in the office. In other words, network drive mappings etc. There would be a max of 5 users of which no more than two concurrent sessions. Bandwidth and latency is an issue. We are in a rural town 100's of kms from the metro fibre networks. I am aware of 's offering and it is great, but due to low bandwidth too slow for my purposes. I need something that does not have the network traffic traverse the planet before it gets to me. I am in rural South Africa.

I have already setup a remote desktop (RDP port 3389) to a machine on the network that has the basic software installed for road warriors, but RDP response if very slow. It's only good for emergency access. I have a static IP. Network security is also a concern.

I found products based on OpenVPN, but those are for secure surfing (so government can't snoop). I also found Virtual Appliances on the website with preconfigured VPN Gateway/Access Servers. All of them require a doctorate in particle physics to understand and nowhere could I see where/how I could implement file sharing.

Where can I find a VPN solution that is:
- Easy to implement
- Allows one to use the Windows built-in network to set up a connection to remote site.
- Comes with setp-by-step easy to follow instructions
- Allows for seemless integration into Windows, file/printer sharing.
- Open Source / Freeware. I am even willing to pay a small fee for decent help.

A open source alternative to Citrix ICA, that can allow me to publish apps to remote machines.

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