Standard user cant see all programs ?

I have set up several user accounts in our new family Windows 7 PC. My own account being the admin one.

Problem is other standard uses can’t see or use any of the programs I installed such as MS Office, Itunes, etc, etc. They are not in the program list or start menu in their standard accounts.

I think I read somewhere that when installing programs you have to set it to all users, but I did not get this option when installing MS Office or others.

Any help, guidance about how I could have standard users access the programs I install, would be really appreciated.


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what about logging in as yourself, copying the shortcuts to a place in the root of C:\ (like C:\Applications).

Then, log in as one of the other users and see if they can actually run the apps in that folder.


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One more thing...are those other user accounts actual "Users" or "Power Users"

Try this:

shortcut > properties > compatibility > Run this program as an administrator

Double click the shortcut, enter admin password. Close the program. Now start it again and see if it doesn't ask for password.

I'm not sure it'll work in 7, but the idea is that the first time you launch the software in the standard user's account using the shortcut you will be prompted for a password. You supply the password that one time. From then on the shortcut should use the stored credentials you gave it.

Thanks for your help and support I will try all of those suggestion.

What I don't understand though, is when I next install a program in my admin account how do I ensure that all standard users can see and use the program as well ?

Is there a simple step at the installation stage to do this ? Or did I do something wrong when I installed Office, Itunes etc ?

I am pretty new to Windows 7 having previously benefited from corporate support on XP.

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