Standard VGA Adapter Driver issues

My laptop (dell latitude e6520) just came back from having windows 7 reinstalled after the hard drive failed and all sorts of stuff is screwed up. My primary frustration is coming from the fact that my computer is not detecting anything that I plug into my HDMI port (I'm trying to hook it up to my tv to watch a movie and it won't recognize that its plugged in) I've reinstalled the Intel Graphics card driver and that didn't help so I ran some system stuff and it told me that my standard vga adapter driver was not working and that it might be able to fix the problem by reinstalling the driver, unfortunately I agreed to this a few times and it continues to give the same problem and try the same solution again, I've been fighting with this thing for hours searching the internet for the problem and I'm pretty sure I broke the hinges for the display the last time that i threw down the laptop in disgust so please help me before I completely destroy this thing.

The same device configuration utility is also telling me that I need a mass storage controller driver if anyone could help with that either


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I'm afraid that I can't help, but I would like to know if you find any answers.

I've had my PC hooked up to my TV for several years, and just recently my computer stopped seeing my HDMI connection.
When I went into display settings it always showed both my monitor and the HDMI connection, even when the TV was off and the computer was set to the monitor.

When I installed Windows 8 I had problems because it saw my TV as the primary display and all I saw on my monitor was a black screen with a cursor, (it took me days to figure that out) now it just does't see it at all.

Maybe some one knows some way to diagnose this, I haven't had any luck, updating my video drivers, etc hasn't helped.

Uninstalling my video card and letting Windows re-detect it didn't help, even though it did detect the HDMI connection originally, it doesn't now.


This I might be able to help with, if you go into whichever of the displays is working go into the control panel and find adjust screen resolution (not sure where it might be in windows 8) and it should open a window and somewhere you will see show desktop only on 1 or 2 and in that drop down you can select extend displays or mirror displays which will get video output on both screens


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That's the problem it doesn't show a second display anymore, it always did show
Display 1 and Display 2, and I had those options, Extend, Only Display X, or Both etc.

I don't think I was clear, it was working fine in Windows 8 as well as Windows 7, this didn't start when I installed Windows 8.

Now it only shows Display 1 and no options.

I can't get it to see the display that's connected via HDMI.

Having it search for it produces zip.



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The mass storage controller should come with mobo drivers, it should be available in the original driver disk you got, updates in Dell pages. That you got the message that your VGA drivers don't work is kind of hard to believe, because those drivers have been standard ever since Windows 95!!!

Don't know if this is of any help, but you could try DriverMax, DriverMax - free driver download program for Windows XP & Vista, I've used it a couple of years and even bought the Pro version. It scans for driver updates, it's worked very nicely, and it always asks you if you want the new drivers. It also asks if you want to create a Restoration point.

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