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I had Win XP and I configured the "sleep" button in my Microsoft's keyboard to get computer into Stanby mode, which means the computer is set off, but the memory is on and when I click the mouse button the computer starts and show me the state I was before the standby mode (S3).
I configured also that standby mode will take place after 40 minutes if PC is idle .

Now, in Windows 7 , I can only set the PC into Hibernate mode (they call it "sleep"), which means the PC is actually turn off and when I turn it on it actually shows the boot screen and starts up.

Someone knows how can I set a standby mode in Win7 ? so that click on the mouse button will turn it on to the last position ?


Hey, I think this should help you. Sleep mode is the equivalent of Standby (I think it's still S3), which does not fully shut off the computer like Hibernate (i.e. It doesn't not show the BIOS screen when waking up.). I just installed 7 yesterday and my Standby keyboard shortcut was putting the computer into Hibernate. As best I can figure, Sleep mode was somehow disabled by default. I found a fix for enabling and disabling hibernate, and modified it to apply to sleep mode.

So here's what to do:
1. Go to your start menu.
2. In the search bar, type "powercfg /sleep on"
3. Hit Enter.

It should take effect the next time you restart your computer.

Today, I wasn't able to disable it the same way so I couldn't double-check that I'm remembering exactly right. Please let me know if this works for you or not.

Best of luck!

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