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[Solved] Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Hey, guys.

I recently got a copy of SW:KOTOR and installed it fine, but when I went to run it, it says "This game requires DirectX 9.0c (April 2006) or higher to run. You have an older version installed at the moment."

I ran dxdiag and I have DirectX 11 (like everyone else). What could be wrong?

Thanks in advanced,

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Merely get the newest dx9 installer ( - Download Free Software) and install it, having dx11 doesnt include all previous builds of dx in windows 7, much like vista didn't.

Alright, I did that and it still gives me the error... =(

I don't know why it does it. Maybe KOTOR just doesn't work on W7?


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KOTOR 1+2: Vista Fix & Windows 7 Report - LucasForums

you might want to check out this fix posted on the official lucasarts pages, which is said to fix windows 7 issues also, in addition since both 1 & 2 use same engine its ment to work on both.

TSL Windows Vista Fix, Knights of the Old Republic 2 Downloads, Knights of the Old Republic 2 Patches

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Sweet, man, thanks. That fixed it. I no longer get the DirectX error. I'll let you know if there's any other errors. =)


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glad to help a fellow gamer out...was toying with playing throught it again myself, could I just ask you to edit your original post and flag to solved on the title cheers.

Done. Thanks again.

Hey guys new on the forum but had a questin bout this which is doing my nut in. i gt a new copy of the game lately as my old copy was scratched for over use lol. thats cheat where you put enable cheats=1 into the ini. file?well it wont let me save that on my uncles windows 7 pc wtf is up with that as have full admin rights and was able to do it on my vista at home
any help would be hot :)

Hi guys. I have a problem with my Star Wars the Knights of the Old Republic game. Every time after I finish the quest where I first get on the Ebon Hawk after killing Davik, and it goes to the cinematic with Malak decimating Taris, my game suddenly "alt-tabs" itself and I go to my desktop where I can't get back in the game. Is there something I can do to fix this? I've tried to change my resolution on my desktop to match my game's resolution. But sit still hasn't helped. Is there anything else I can do? Let me know whenever you guys figure it out! Thanks, everyone!

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disable fullscreen mode and use run in window mode, to see what happens

i looked in EVERY possible options menu in KotOR, and there is not a single spot that allows me to disable or enable fullscreen mode/ windows mode. is there any where else I can do this? :((


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with most games simply holding Left ALT with Enter/Return does the trick, and the same to revert back to fullscreen

All it does is brings me back to my desktop, like Alt+Tab or the windows button would. :S Is there another command, perhaps?

SWKotOR doesn't allow you to automatically go to Windows Mode, so I had to find something on the internet to edit this and so I did. The Windows mode thing was correct. I really appreciate your help, there! Thanks!

Hi ladies and gentlemen. I've been reading this thread and it seems as though people here know what they're talking about. So for the problem.

I recently re-installed Knights of the Old Republic on my Windows 7 Ultimate laptop. I have patched the game enough to be able to play it with no problems, yet. I have loved this game since it came out and I just wanted to run through it again for nostalgia sake. I have changed my .ini file to enable cheats correctly (I think), but when I hit my "`" button on my keyboard, nothing happens. I was wondering if this was a common issue and how to remedy this situation. Thank you for your time


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