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    Not sure if this is the right thread or if it's been asked before (searching on Start Menu brings up almost all the forum posts!) but I wonder if I am missing something here.

    In XP I could right click the Start Menu and open it's folder and add folders, rename them, delete them, create shortcuts and all sorts. In Win7 I don't appear to have that facility.

    I can create a shortcut on the desktop and "pin" it to the start menu, but that goes to the top of the main Start Menu and not in the All Programs. I have found the directory C:\Users\<username>\Start Menu but can't access that directory. How are we meant to manage our Start Menu?
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    As you can tell that has been changed. It's here now:

    %userprofile%\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

    Go to that location in Windows explorer... right click on the folder and select Send To then Desktop to make a shortcut

    Another option in Win 7
    Righ click on Start Meun and select properties.. then select Customize
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    You may have to also juggle with some of the programs in the other default Start menu
    Program Data - Microsoft - Windows - Start Menu - Programs

    But have you enabled the Drag and drop feature?
    Right click the Start orb and select properties, then the "Start menu" tab. Select "customise". Scroll down to (about) the 6th Item "Enable Context menus and dragging and dropping"
    Fwiw, I can drag and drop, create new folders and rename within the start menu.
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