Windows 7 Start Menu New Toolbar


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Is it possible to create a new toolbar for the Start Menu in the right (grey) area? I currently have Documents, Pictures and Music. I right clicked and added a new folder of my D drive location of the particular files to access them more easily.

I am missing Downloads and Videos which are in my D drive files so can I add bespoke (new) toolbars?

Additionally, on the existing toolbars can I remove the C drive locations or is this not a good idea?

Many Thanks.
Don't worry. I sorted it out as in my/your link but renamed 'Recorded TV' to 'Downloads' rather than using the existing 'Downloads' link as this didn't work too well. Many thanks for the initial link.

P.S. I am also able to remove certain library locations from properties but have decided to keep things as they are for now.