Start menu question


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I'm working with 7 Pro.

I've had my start menu setup in such a way since Win95 and I'm trying to accomplish the same thing here in 7.

Rather than having multiple folders off to the right side of the start menu I've always listed all of my programs above the divider on the left. Above shutdown, logoff, run, control panel, documents, help, etc.

What I've done with windows 7 is put all of my programs in "All Programs" and simply use it that way. I've now got enough applications and stuff installed to where the scroll bar is appearing on the right hand side. Rather than the scroll bar I'd like very much for the actual menu to just be larger to display everything in the list instead of me having to scroll through and find what I need.

It's not THAT big of a deal, I was just wondering if anyone on here knew of a way to display more than 16 items in the All Programs list without the scroll bar appearing.

Sidebar, this site has a LOT of great info on it. :cool:

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