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Hi Guys how ru?:)
(windows 7 ultime, X32)
well I have this problem on my laptop.
my laptop is on 24\7, at night I just put it to sleep, then in morning I turn it on again.
well, my problem is the start menu writing! after sometime it becomes really blur or even sometimes u can't even see the writing!
here is a pic so u will understand.

thx alot and have a good day:)

here is a pic after 6 hours that the laptop is on (NOT SLEEPING) but no 1 has used it..

1 more important thing, it happens just on the start menu all the other writings on the laptop are just fine.

*the processes that are runing on the background are : google chrome with about 10 tabs, skype, msn, outlook. that's it!
thx alot!! :)

Is the vide driver up to date?

Looks like you're using legacy vga drivers, correct?


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hi :) thx for the quick respond.
u mean the video driver??
u think I should update it?

What is your video card model and what is the driver version installed for the card ?


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how do I check that?


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That is strange ands I think Cybercore's graphics card driver update is a good suggestion.

However, I would definitely shut down the computer at night. It removes all those DLL files from memory that have been loaded throughout the day of using it.

Also, you're wasting energy by leaving it on at night, just touch your battery pack to verify that. Hot, very hot.

You need to know the exact make and model of your video card before updating. Go to Start > Run, and type msinfo32. Expand the Components section, then click on Display.

Post the results back here for us to look over.

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I prefer to leave it open..just put it to sleep. from some time to time I'm making restarts...
at the beginning it works perfect after sometime it becomes like this...=\

Good point by Reghackr, I'd follow the advice.

As for:

how do I check that?
Start menu -> type dxdiag -> check in the screen tab.


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Name: ATI mobility Radeon HD 4650

Main Driver: atiumdag.dll, atidxx32.dll, atidxx64,at
Version: 8.632.1.2000

well here is the page it gives me
ATI Catalyst
my model (....4650) is not in there...
what is next?

btw - thx alot guys!!! :)


I downloaded newer driver installed it and now I have to wait to see what will happen in the next days...
I'll let you know guys!

and again,
thank you very much :)

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Hope the new driver fixes it. Write back if not.

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The new driver fixed it. Good job guys. :)

well guys last night I did this update and did restart.
today I turned the laptop up it was fine but now it's again like this..

what do u think guys?

*about the driver update, I downloaded it from the sony vaio support for my laptop, and just pressed on it without deleting the first driver first...

** I also changed now the theme maybe it's something with the theme....=\

***btw - here is the link to my laptop drivers and all the information about it:


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Wow, I would have bet anything that the video driver was going to fix it.

Anyhow, open an elevated command prompt. Type the following command then press enter:

sfc /scannow

When that's done, set the default Aero theme.

I've changed the theme...leeme update u guys XDD

thx alot !!!! :)

Ha ha, was it all about the theme then?

no :( just checked again now still after some time the problem is showing up):

Did you notice anything that causes this, such as certain software?

Did you follow this suggestion:

Wow, I would have bet anything that the video driver was going to fix it.

Anyhow, open an elevated command prompt. Type the following command then press enter:

sfc /scannow

When that's done, set the default Aero theme.

1. You need to have Windows 7 install DVD in your drive. Then open up command prompt window and type sfc /scannow. Wait for this operation to complete. If you don't have 7 install dvd, run sfc /scannow anyway to be sure none of sure your system files are broken.

2. Next, in the command prompt, type chkdsk /f /r. This'll check and repair any hard disk errors you may have.

3. Apply default Aero theme, and reboot.

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I did all that now we have to wait a bit to see what's up...
I'll let u know guys asap.

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