Windows 7 Start/Shut Down


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Jan 12, 2009
My installation starts up OK; although it seems to have trouble launching the icons in the toolbar and the system monitor area - that part takes a bit too long.
Shut down takes a very long time compared to 7 Beta.


Is this immediately after you installled?

Did you perform a "clean" install?


I did a Clean install.
But after installing my app's and files, and I was all done, I discovered that I.E. would not launch, and Outlook 2007 would not launch properly either. It was then that I did an Upgrade over the defective install which fixed the problems I was having.

I would note that start-up seems to be improving over time, as if the OS is "Learning" my setup. Am I nuts!?


Did you receive updates for office?

If you did, I heart That's causing alot of problems.

Actually, I would have performed another clean install as problems can be inherited from the previous one.

Are IE and Office working OK?


I did selective installs of Office and Outlook, ie. Word, Excel, and Outlook only, without all the extras to lard-up my system.
I did get some updates last night for Outlook '07, but that went OK.

There is no chance, as of now, that I am going to do another clean install. I don't have the patience to have to re-install all of my programs again, one at a time.


I would note that start-up seems to be improving over time, as if the OS is "Learning" my setup. Am I nuts!?


No your not nuts.. I too have noticed Win 7 doing that.. Unless I make alot of "big changes" in one session it definitely boots up quicker each time.. :) A very nice attribute for an OS to have...

Hi all, I read the other day on an MS knowledge base (Sorry, can't recall precisely which one) that the 'slower boot' and shutdown' was down to having not 'manually' activated the product key.

After 3 days use Win7RC automatically activates itself, and then you'll have 'noticed' it booting quicker (more like the Beta version) So, if you've only just downloaded the Win7RC, 'activate' your key immediately, you'll 'see' the 15 seconds of black, before continuing to load, will be reduced :)