Windows 7 Start-up problems


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hi im running windows 7 ultimate on an asus eee pc. it was working fine until recently. when i boot it i see the loading bar, which finishes, then the screen goes black only showing the mouse cursor. it does boot in safe mode. any help please?
sounds like a driver problem mate.

I would boot to safe mode, remove the display adaptor, and sound adaptor and then see if you can get into normal windows then reinstall the drivers..

if all else fails you could system restore it, but i feel system restore should be the final fix if all else fails..
thanks a mill. tbh i dont know how to disable the display and sound adapters... any chance you could explain?? thanks
of course.

Click the ORB thing, then rightclick COMPUTER and select MANAGE

Once it opens up hightligh DEVICE MANAGER on the left hand menu tree - you may have to click the + signs to get it to show.

In the right hand side of the list you'll see a list of all hardwarea categories. Find DISPLAY ADAPTOR and click the plus sign. It should say "ndivia Gforce rah rah or ATI or Intel or something" depending on your adaptor. Highlight it and rightclick. Select UNINSTALL.

repeat the above for the sound adaptors.

Reboot into normal mode.

Plug and play should find the hardware and reinstall the driver for you automatically. Reboot and then run windows update

Let me know if that works ;)
thank you so much. just logged onto win 7 now. working fine after i did what you said to do. startup took longer than usual but it did come up after a few mins. it also downloaded the uninstalled drivers quickly. thanks again.
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nice one, glad it worked :)

It should start up at the same speed next time, I expect it took longer whilst it installed the standard drivers.

I bought my ex an EEE PC as it was pink and she was a girly girl. They are pretty cool, how is W7 running on it ?
it runs pretty good. ive got an 80gb hard drive, partitioned into 2 40gb drives. its a dual boot, xp on the 1st part and win 7 on the 2nd part. almost all the shortcut keys work as well after downloading drivers from the asus website. it seems faster than xp in general thought it does occasionally glitch...
ah cool. The one I bought had a solid state hard disk. Small capacity but worked at a good speed. Nice to see W7 performing well on all sorts of hardware :)