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First off I'm sure there are many threads on this issue but, I am on my iPod and it takes forever to load and I just don't feel like searching on this thing. I am experiencing a"startuprepairoffline" problem. I try to start my computer and it shows a "launch start up repair" or a "start windows normally" the secound option just restarts my computer and the start up repair fails.

The problem details look like this

problem event name. Start up repair offline
signature 1. 6.1.7600.16385
signature 2. 6.1.7600.16385
signature 3. Unknown
signature 4. 21200774
signature 5. Auto fail over
signature 6. 16
signature 7. Bad patch
os version. 6.1.7600.
locale Id. 1033

I have tried using a "installation disc" I got when I picked up my computer and nothing happend. Any help would be great

Thanks in advance.


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Are you able to boot into safe mode or any of the F8 boot options?

I also see you are not yet running SP1, how old in your install and were you doing Windows Updates?

i cannot boot into any of the f8 options. it just restarts my computer.

as for the windows updates.. i have not put any updates on myself. if there was anything that was automatic it should have updated.


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We have had many Startup repair loop type of problems. Often, they seem to occur for no apparent reason, such as yours. Since they can be caused by several different situations, there is no, as far as I know, definite answer about how to get the system back, other that a reinstall.

In your instance, the error mentions a bad patch. This is probably referring to a Windows update, but hard to know for sure. If you had seen Windows Update mention the SP1 update, it might give us a clue.

It should also be noted, a Startup Repair may take several attempts to repair a problem, if it can. So if the system has not rebooted several times, you might try again.

Sometimes it is hard to get the F8 key to respond, unless you tap it vigorously during boot. But I had the loop once and could never get the system to break out of the loop. If you can shut the system down for a while, and reboot later, it may even help.

If you do not have the Windows Install DVD, you can download one and try using it to get into the Windows repair environment. But you need to get someplace like a command prompt, where you can look at your system and possibly run some command line utilities to attempt a repair. It is SP1, so you may not be able to reinstall using it if you have an OEM version of the software.

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If you decide to reinstall, and have data you want to save, using a Linux boot flash drive, like Ubuntu is very convenient for transferring data to another drive. You manufacturer may have a way to restore that will not clear out your data..not sure.

Ok I understand. Is there anyway I can buy the windows install? I have nothing to download with. I tried to boot my computer and it didnt work. Although I only let it try to fix the problem once instead of 7 times. I'll try later to see how it goes.

Thanks for the help.

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