Startmenu broken (and more!)

I have been running windows 7 Beta RC build 7100 for half a year now with only one small problem, the network stopped working. Only way to fix it was to reboot and it worked perfectly again. Might have been the new Kaspersky that caused that. It would not happen for days and then a couple of times. Hours or sometimes only minutes after a reboot. Extremely random.

New Major problem:
My taskbar will not redraw, it shows the computer time as the time you started the computer for instance. This way I can not see whether Kaspersky is running or not.
When clicking the start icon i get a manu but I can not click anything. The icon (user icon) disappears if I try to type something. I guess it is gone somehow when I try to do anything, but since it won't redraw I do not see it diappear.
I can not open certain programs (I guess Kaspersky doesn;t open). Nor does Thunderbird. Explorer will not open either. I can't browse files (I can when running a program and open a file browser when clicking the "open file" option for instance). It is just that the window won't open/start.
One more thing, the task manager will not show any processes running or programs running while I do! I can for instance still open IE and firefox because the icons are on my taskbar. They are still clickable.

Did fix it briefly:
I was able to install a windows update via IE; and then after reboot the problem was gone. Once. Now after a second boot (and a 3rd and a 4th) the problem is still there.

Possible cause?
I got a new sony Bravia tv so I installed PS3 Media server, It ran good a few times with it installed but since that is the last thing I installed I want to try deinstalling it but I can't open the control panel to deinstall it, though I do not think this is the problem.

So I ask you for help. I think it is one key part of windows 7 that is broken. I just don't know which one.

Found out how to make it workable: Boot the pc and don't do anything till starting up done, then it will work.
But that is not a solution. Anyone got an idea?


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I'd recommend you get RTM.
The RC was in some instances more "glitchy" than even the beta.
Remember to always do a "clean" install of any Windows Version

Yes that was my thought too. I ordered one yesterday, was about to anyway. Just a bit sucky to be "forced" to do a clean install now instead of whenever. Though Christmas vacation comping up.. and clean installs are always so nice to work with after the install ;-)


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Best of luck.
Thanks for using Windows 7 Forums
Don't hesitate to drop in again if you're having problems.
See ya around!

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