Startup: Monitor Standby to restart.

Hi, this afternoon turned on my computer and everything was ok(Post code and all) but then after the start up logo/screen. it automatically put my monitor into standby mode and after a few minutes my computer just restarted. i didnt get to the login where u type your pass. Before i turned it off last night , i updated my computer(from windows update) and then scanned for virus's and spyware. Then it found some and then restarted my comp along with the update. So i was wondering if any deleting of any files could cause this and how to fix this. Thanks

PS: before the welcome screen/logo it said that there was something wrong with my start up and i ran that and there was nothing wrong. i took at the diagnostics and found nothing(No error codes) other than 3 or less root causes and whenever i try going into safe mode it gives me the 0x000000f4 BSOD.

There are files important to bootup, and if these are damaged then you could be experiencing a problem like this, but I myself don't know of a surefire way to restore them.

The BSOD sounds like a good place to start:

What other parameters are provided with the BSOD?
Also, to give a better sense of when the BSOD occurs, what is the last thing that the computer does before the error?

It appears that one common cause of this stop error is if Windows is installed on a slave drive.

Microsoft gives the following solution in this article:

To resolve this behavior, use one of the following methods:• For Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA) hard disks, configure your disk drive as master only. For Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) hard disks, connect the hard disk cable to a master channel SATA connector on the motherboard.

• Connect another device as a master, such as another disk drive or a CD drive or DVD drive.
• Change your PATA cables, your SATA cable, or your IDE cable even if the cable does not appear worn.
• Install Windows on a new hard disk because it is possible that your hard disk or your Windows installation may be corrupted.
But I have a feeling your issue is something else; were it actually a hardware problem like this, then I think it wouldn't have waited until now to rear its ugly head.

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About the BSOD:
STOP: 0x000000F4 (0x00000003,0x087CFC530,0x087CFC69C,0x082250E60) is one of the things that came up
And at the top something about a CRITICAL.
Before the error i go into any Safe modes(With CMD or Internet) and then it loads all the drivers up then after it pops up, it crash dumps, then restarts.

Idk anything about the harddrive.

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