Startup problem related to User Acct. Control Setting

Hope this hasn't been covered to death. I searched extensively and couldn't find quite the same problem.

I installed Win7 x64 Ultimate over the weekend. I previously had Beta & RC as a dual boot in addition to XPx64. I'm now running Win7 alone, though I have the HDD with XPx64 set aside "just in case".

Everything has gone pretty well. A few driver/compatibility issues so far, but nothing major.

Now to the problem. At some point I decided I was sick of seeing the permission? pop-up showing up every time I opened an app., so I changed the User Account Control from "level 3" to "level 1". No problem here, I rebooted and restarted several times after this with no issues.

At some later point, the Action Center was warning me about the UAC, and I absentmindedly allowed it to reset that UAC setting.

The next time I turned the machine on, it hung up BIGTIME once the wallpaper & icons were visible. A couple gadgets weren't loading and any time I clicked with the mouse I would get the "not responding" message. It never got past this "stage"

I restarted the machine (via the reset button because nothing in Windows itself was responding) a few times with the same results. Eventually I Safe Moded and did a System Recovery to my last manual recovery point.

Rebooted and voila!, perfect startup 2 or 3 times consecutively.

Just the same, I tested this and reset the UAC up to "level 2", rebooted, and once again MAJOR hangup at exactly the same point as before.

I reset the UAC control back down manually, restarted and again, started up perfectly.

No other changes or installations between these instances.

Anybody encounter this and/or figure out what the deal is with it? I might want it at "level 2" just to be secure.

CPU -Intel Q9505 (2.83GHz) Quad Core
Motherboard -ASUS P5Q Deluze
RAM -8GB (Centon (4x2048MB) PC6400 DDR2 800MHz)
Video -EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS
Audio -Onboard w/SoundMax Driver
HDD1 (OS) -1TB Seagate Barracuda (SATA)
HDD2 (Media) -1.5TB Seagate (SATA)
HDD3 (Acronis) -500GB Samsung (SATA)
DVD R/RW -HP Lightscribe x2 (SATA)

Hauppauge TV Tuner Card
USB Hub Card

OS -Windows 7 Ultimate


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If you have adequate anti-virus soft are, spyware detector, and personal firewall, you can set it ti Never Notify

Right now I have ESET Nod32 antivirus/antispyware.

As far as a "personal" firewall, what would you recommend beyond Windows Firewall & Defender?

BTW, I agree on the GTO. I had an '05 which, while a ton of fun, looked pretty generic. Too bad it'll never happen now.


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PC Tools Fire wall.

Personally I like the older version better as it tell you Whit program are trying to access the Internet and phone home.

I have an old version, if you'd like it I can uploadi it

BTW, it' free

I did an installation repair and have been able to change the UAC setting, so I think I'm good on that.

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