startup problems after installing windows 7


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This morning i installed w7. all fine until i restarted.

after the windows is starting up (with the new icon) at the moment i should see the login page, the screen goes black. no mouse pointer no nothin'

however sometimes i does work, but i'm not sure WHEN it works. i did all the startup repairs etc. nothing worked permanently. only after system restore it works ok, but then after the updates it wont restart. again it looks likes something is unstable since at one time it works and the other it won't.

any ideas?


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Hi thank you.

I did that already but didn't work :(

however one device is "unknown" wich i believe may be related to the issue

the details say "ACPI\PNP006"

I can have a look a the system to see what should be done. Type msinfo32 in the start menu then press enter. File | save on the opened screen. Zip the saved file then attach it to a post here.


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OK here it is hopefully useful to you.

I think you are a star already


First, extract my attachment and then go into the 32 folder of it. Double click the .exe to install it.

Then boot to safe mode + networking and use this tool to remove AVG:

AVG - Download tools

Reboot and install MSE.

heh Thanks for the compliment.



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Did it and it worked. excellent.
you're a star. so it was the avg-free?

thanks a million!

Yes, AVG is on my personal "notorious" list. When I see it, and there are problems, it simply gotta go.

Thanks again and you're welcome.


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well. to early for cheers. problem stayed afterall :(

I noticed your bios was old, so you'll want to go to ASUS' website for the motherboard to download and install the latest update.

After doing that, unplug the machine from the wall for a few minutes. Then plug it back in and use normally.

Just be sure not to lose power while actually updating the bios.

Uninstall VTune if issues continue.


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i think it may bee too old. cant find the driver. u any luck?


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pfff can't sem to find a proper download. however i did fint a bin file wich might help. but where should i put it?

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