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It didn't take longfor a number of packages to appear to enable modification of the Windows 8 desktop to a more "traditional" look. I was trying Stardocks start8 when I discovered the free open source startW8 which I find to work better:

StartW8 - Download
By the way, I know Ted is an enthusiastic promoter of these 3rd Party start things... just, please, be aware that they, actually, are not necessary... Windows 8 works very nicely w/out such add-ons.

One suggestion that I offer to people, is an applications window for the desktop that allows access to everything w/out ever leaving Desktop. Setting this up does not require any 3rd Party add-ons.

They certain can be installed and used but, in fact, there is no need for them. This is not to condemn those things or raise any argument but, just that there be a clear understanding that they are personal desire or want but, not anything the OS must have.

Personal choice not, personal requirement.