Status 0xc0000225 on boot into Windows 7

Hello, I recently used GParted to shrink my XP and Win7 partitions so that I could create a third partition. Since I had some extra space inbetween the shrunk partitions, I moved the Win7 partition as close as I could to the XP partition. I basically moved my partition over a little bit.

GParted reported no errors and everything ran successfully, however, when I booted my computer back up, I tried to run Windows 7 and I get a stop error saying something about "Windows could not find a required system driver". It gave the status code 0xc00002255. I know this was from meddling with my partitions. I am able to access my Windows 7 files (thankfully) from my XP partition completely fine. Is there any way I can patch or replace certain drivers or run a recovery disc? I don't want to resort to wiping and re-installing Win7 unless I have to.

I didn't create a recovery disc from Win7 when I had it (I regret it now!) -- does anybody have a disc I can download? Are the recovery discs distributable?


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Sounds like it might be the generic volume driver - in other words, it doesn't understand the new location of the partition GParted created.

As you can only boot into XP - you will need to get a copy of the 7 dvd and see if startup repair can fix it.

Did you use a dvd to install ? Startup repair is on the dvd.

Boot the 7 dvd - Windows loads files - select your language - on the screen that says "Install Now" - click Repair my computer ( at the bottom of the install now window ).

Highlight the o/s you want to Repair, click Next ( if 7 isn't listed - click Next anyhow).

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Thanks for the reply.

I'm 90% positive that this can be fixed from the Win7 installation disc -- however, I didn't make a disc. I ran the installer in Windows XP since I don't have any CDs or DVDs (or USB thumb drives) that could hold 2.3GB. The most I have is 2GB. Is it possible to repair my other partition from the installer in XP? I don't see a link or button for repair -- here's a screenshot:

There's also no link once I click Install Now, all the way through until right before I install.

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You don't get the option from a virtual drive, sadly.

What virtual drive did you use to successfully install 7 from within XP.?

Unless you get hold of a recordable dvd and burn the 7 iso to it ( you will get Repair my Computer option if you boot the dvd) - the only other is way is to reinstall 7 - it should sort out the partitioning on the way in.

Or you can delete and recreate the 7 partition before reinstalling.

Copy any important data to your XP drive first

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I just decided to completely re-install Windows 7. I reformatted it using GParted and then re-installed.. I am typing this from Win7 :razz:

Thanks for your help.


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Glad you got it sorted out.:razz:

I am curious what app. you are using on XP to install from - is it PowerIso?

Woops, forgot to answer that question. The software I used was MagicDisc, it's a freeware utility that lets you mount virtual disc images. I find it very useful and use it a lot :razz:

This is a good alternative if you don't have a driver for reading .iso files.


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Thanks for the reply.:)

I am aware of that app. - was just curious as to how good it was at performing that particular function on XP.

I downloaded it for just that purpose and haven't really explored it, but as far as what I've seen it works great. It mounts many types of image files and there were a few other options on the context menu (You use it by right-clicking the system tray) but I never ventured to use them.

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