Status bar does not show total folder size

Hey people.

A really irritating problem.
I can't see the folder total size in windows explorer.

When you stand in any folder and select all, the status bar only shows you the number of files. You can see the in the details pane the actual size of each file, but you cannot see the individual or total file size in the status bar.

This problem is especially irritating in the recycle bin. Since there's now way to figure out the total size of all the items.

Any idea????


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You can see the total size of the folder if you have tool tip enabled under folder options.
Hold your cursor over a folder and it will show you the full size of that folder and all contents including sub-folders.

But yes, I know what you are talking about, this is a feature missing from XP, that should be brought back.
I am guessing no one thought about it, or they figured no one would be using the old status bar anymore as the new one can be more useful in certain respects. There is some data that is missing that needs to be implemented in my opinion to the new status bar. One of them is what you mention here.

Maybe they can fix it with an update or SP1.

I don't believe this is a bug, but a missing feature, as I do not believe it is in Vista either. I think I noticed that there also, and figured someone would fix it eventually. But, who knows, I am not sure I really miss it that much myself.


You're right, the only place I have actually missed it is in the recycle bin. Is there any way to tell in Windows 7, how much junk is in the recycle bin?
I mean you can't even select all the items in the recycle bin and choose properties.
So how can you know?

If I select for example 90 items in the recycle bin, or just select all. The status bar shows "90 items selected". When you press on "show more details" nothing happens....

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