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I have steam, Last week I noticed my steam account was showing hours of gaming time for games that I always use and some games I haven't played at all. Then the other day I got home and saw "This Account is Currently Being used Elsewhere", and according to my Profile I was playing AudioSurf! Also I got 12 new freind request's from random persons whose Profiles where Chinese and Russian, and someone by the name of "Suki" in the US that I havn't seen or have any groups in common with.

So I got it sorted with the steam support,

However all the time now it keeps getting Hijacked? changed password 16 times in past week and twice again today because of it. I haven't told anyone my passwords, Cleared temp files, emptied my Browser history, and Unchecked "Save passwords" radio button.

Who's doing it and how? my paswords are 10 letters long and are arranged like this 67#$yes^12 (by the way thats not one of the passwords) that be rather hard to gues and password crckers won't do it.


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try changing your email address as that may be the cause


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or could be a keylogger trojan

Scanned the computer with numerous programs and none found any trojans or anything else, by the way I'am not one of those people who use limewire, Utorrent or any of those things and certainly don't go to unknown sites, the computer stays offline most of the time and use this computer for gaming, anything else gets done on the lappy. Would there been a sniper at a lan party peeking around or something else? on another note since this has been happening my Internet has gone really slow :(

Found out the problem, At the last LAN Party here at SG in Australia we were all assigned a Dynamic IP Address because DHCP wasn't use at the LAN because the risk of Steam Servers on peoples computer causing issues, and when I brought the computer home I didn't turn the Preconfigered IP Adressing off and and let the computer use the DHCP again, Most of been a snoopy person at the LAN and got peoples Passwords and can still find the computers


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indeed and thats why even at a official LAN parties with you should always have a properly configured IN & OUT firewall rule for the games so you are not wide open for such sniffers in the first place, I would make a complaint to the organisers too as they need to find and ban the hacker

Apparantly Not was it only me, I was telling some freinds at our LAN Party meeting last night and they said the samething happened to them too. so it had a mass effect on the entire group, The Manager, Admin, Organisers and the members are looking into this, This might have been someone that attended the Noob LAN where Noobs and other people could come for free if they havn't attended before. if they find them and/or the person responsible the admin will ban them for breaching the rules, and we will not hold anymore NOOB LAN PARTIES again.


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Did you find out how they did this?

Not yet, could been a fool at the noob invite, but we discovered in the last lan we had a week ago that a lot of us had the STUXNET Worm, dunno how we got it, but we did.


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Blimey wasn't that the one that was trying to naff up powerplants in Iraq recently

Roger, that was the one :)

Dunno why these people want to make this kind of stuff, they mustn't have anything to do with there time, they must have a lot of time, money and skill to do it though, All they do is risk geeting locked up in the cell, They can't hide, nor can there products, they'll get found out. on average from the time the infection is made, it is found within week to months.

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