Windows 7 Steam Xmas Sale day #3

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    Day three of Steam's Christmas sale: from 6pm GMT

    A scattering of some decent titles today...

    Aliens Vs Predator 3 £3.75, not bad for one of the early Dx11 titles, short campaign mode, but the multi is good.

    Rockstar's Bully £2.50

    Just Cause 2 £5.00 excellent sandbox game with fab graphics only let down by dumb Ai, but don't let that stop you it's great fun.

    Day of Defeat Source £1.50

    Assasins creed 2 £9.99

    COD4 MW1 £9.99 (the last decent COD in my view)

    Monkey Island collection £12.49

    Railworks 2 £4.50

    EA's classic Spore £7.50 (good choice if you need a game for your girlfriend that likes sand box games)

    Trials 2 £1.50
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