Stereo mix "Currently Unavailable"

My problem is that my Stereo mix doesn't work. I'm using WeGame game recorder and i need it to get record the game sound also. In the WeGame's settings I've enabled "Record Sound". I tried to put Stereo Mix to my default device but it says that it's Currently Unavailable. Those bars doesn't show up when i put it to default device or something else. BUT when i disable microphone it works and when i try to enable microphone it says again the same thing, "Currently Unavailable". Then i gotta disable Stereo mix and microphone and then put again the mic on and set it as default device and then the microphone works again. I need to get them both at the same time working...


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You might post a picture of the dialog window you are using to set this.

Aren't Stereo Mix and Microphone both Recording devices?

Are there any other inputs or options for the microphone inputs? Have you checked to make sure the plug you are uisng for the mike is correct (check properties). Do you have an option for a front or rear microphone input?

Have you checked the Communications tab to see if you have "do nothing" checked?

problem solved, thanks anyway

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