Stereo Mix/Wave-Out + Streaming Skype

This may take a while to explain, so bear with me lol.

What I'm attempting to do is broadcast (on,, whatever) a live stream of myself (audio + video...through my webcam) talking to people on Skype (their audio and video), and in the process, be able to have the viewers still able to hear my voice when I'm not in the middle of a Skype call (like how it works when you listen to the radio and you can still hear the DJs talking between calls) AND that I can obviously hear what the people are saying through my headphones...otherwise, we can't really have a conversation, can we?

The problem: I have a Dell Inspiron Zino HD (Windows 7, 64-bit, 3GB RAM) computer with a Conexant HD SmartAudio 221 sound card. This particular sound card doesn't give me any options to enable Stereo Mix, Wave-Out, or any other kind of output sound. Before anyone says it, yes, I've tried "show disconnected devices" as well as "show disabled devices" and no, nothing extra pops up. The driver is updated, so that's not a problem. Thus, I can't broadcast the output sound, nor can I record "what you hear" sound through the Windows Sound Recorder.I'm trying to find a way where I can do this and I haven't been able to come up with any answers yet. A lot of sites give me a run-around, directing me to programs which don't work on Windows 7 64-bit, or they just tell me "buy a sound board mixer" (as if that's so simple and cheap), or they don't understand what's going on.

I've come across one thing that seems like it might...MIGHT work....but there's still a problem with it. I would think that if I can get a 3.5mm male/male cable, plug one end into a dual female Y-splitter...the other end being my earphones...and then plug that splitter into the microphone port of my computer, that it would then be able to record/broadcast that microphone line whilst giving me the ability to still hear it through the earphones. doesn't account for the webcam. I use a Logitech webcam with a built-in microphone that plugs in via usb. Thus, I can't record/broadcast both the webcam's audio as well as the audio coming from the microphone port. And all that doesn't even account for lag as well lol.

As far as the visual is concerned, I can just use WebcamMax for that (despite how I'm getting some bad quality), but this audio is just killing me.

Any ideas, guys?

Any suggestions?

Get a usb sound card set it as main speaker output and plug speakers into it.Then right click speaker volume control at bottom right of screen and set stereo mix usb as defalt recording device and start recording

Maybe I'm missing something (tired, long day), but that technique sounds like I'd be able to record the audio I hear in Skype (or anything else my computer says), but I wouldn't be able to record the audio or video that I'm sending through my webcam, which plugs in via usb, and I can't record the audio/video I'm sending through the webcam as well as the audio I'm getting off the computer, whilst hearing it through my earphones. And that's only if the usb sound card has the option for Stereo Mix, seeing as how I don't have that on my computer, right?

I can record anything that is playing through a windows web page .spotify,We 7 etc .As you can only have 1 thing playing through speakers

So then that wouldn't help me with my problem, as I need to be able to both record my webcam's audio as well as the audio I'm hearing, at the same time.

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