Windows 11 Sticky Keys


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Apr 5, 2022
Since I had to register and it deleted my posts, like seriously? You guys can't code that in so it remembers what you were doing? Every single other forum in the friggin world can, but Microsoft, which is supposed to be the top minds, nope, they can't handle it. Work on that guys.

Anyway, to my post, that I had typed up before I had to register and your stupid coding didn't 'remember' where it was.... Sticky Keys. This shouldn't be a thing. Pushing Shift 5 times in rapid succession, so what. Why is it even in the system? I know of no one that uses it, and everyone I know hates it. It's the most useless addition, period. If it MUST be in the system, it should be turned off by default. You should have to SELECT to turn it on, not the other way around to keep it off. And as for speaking about keeping it off, if I select to keep it off LEAVE IT OFF. I'm sick and tired of Windows Updates turning it back on. Or give us an option to completely remove it from the system. I don't want it, won't ever want it, and see it as useless as can be.

We're not Microsoft nor affiliated with them. You may want to submit the feedback to them.

StickyKeys can be turned off. It is on by default to help those with accessibility needs operate the operating system with ease. Some users actually need this function to properly install/setup Windows. Just turn it off if you don't need it. Also I've had this feature turned off since the beginning of Windows 10, through my Windows 11 upgrade, and I have all current updates installed. Not once has Windows turned the feature back on, you may have other issues going on.

It is a per-user setting, and must be disabled on a per-user basis.