Still will not boot up from a cold start - for some reason


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Just fitted a new hard drive for my systems "C" files and installed Windows7 Home edition (64bit). It was a clean install.

The reason I fitted a new hard drive and Windows7 was because my previous set-up using XP Pro was getting difficult to start up each morning. Some times it booted first time and at other times I could spend hours getting it to start. I had removed hard drives/sound cards/USB cards etc but the fault did not go away. That left just the motherboard, graphics card. (Done nothing to them yet).

I refitted all the origional equipment with exception of the firewire card. (software has to be installed first). But the computer is as difficult to start from scratch as ever. During the windows7 installation it rebooted several times with no problems. It seems to be the first time start up from a cold start each morning that is the problem. Some times I have to press "DEL" to get the BIOS on screen. Selecting start-up without any changes allows it to boot up.

Any advice would be appreciated. Could the BIOS settings be the problem.

I don't think it' important to the above but one of my three hard drives has not been detected during the installation of Windows 7 - Worked fine on Windows XP Pro yesterday.


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Having tried several things inc replacement of the BIOS battery I I removed the ram (have 4 x 1Gb) and re-installed it one at a time, when i got to the third one it stopped the boot-up. One of the four I suspected was faulty. And it was. First thing today I fitted 2 x 2GB of ram with the existing 2 x 1, that’s solved the problems. I have been re-installing all the programmes and have done several re-boots and cold starts during the day. The computer is running fine now. Thougjht I would let you know.

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