STOP 0x0000001E

Hey there, hopefully this has already been answered and I'm just a blind fool, which would make it easy for you guys to answer.

I recently upgraded my old windows XP computer to windows 7(64Bit), but am having some problems when I start running high memory usage software (Photoshop CS[Whatever edition] or any game).

The error message reads 0x1E, which as I understand it is by and large linked to my hardware or drivers. I've checked out my memory using memtest86, and the results came back that it was working 100% no problems.

I haven't installed any 3rd party drivers aside from whatever windows 7 has (Do they count as 3rd party?)

And I'm running MS's own antivirus software.

I unfortunately can't really emulate this blue screen, as it happens quite randomly, though quite often (5-10 times in the space of 5 hours or so?)

What would be the next stop if I want to fix this?

Edit:: Should mention I guess. I got Win7 as part of my MSDNAA fun stuff. Is it possible when burning the ISO it somehow screwed it up?

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Get rid of the MS Essentia's as it hes been known to generate random BSOD on 64bit system's. I have a similar problem as you do, currently im stable for 48h, after uninstaling the Essential's. See if it helps :]


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Upgrading is always bad choice as it leaves hundreds of useless files on your system and can cause conflicts.

I would recommend performing a "clean" install.

Be aware, you'll need to re-install all your 3rd party apps.

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