stop reminder for updates which I dont need ?

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How do I stop win 7 from showing me the same updates which I dont need to install - like 34 language packs ? I get a red cross flag for not updating those updates ? In win xp, if you did not want an update, that was a hidden update and you were not reminded for it ever again. Can I not do this with win 7 again ?



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Yes. Right clcik the update when offered and.....Hide it. Or:
Open the Control Panel (icon View), and click on the Windows Update icon.
Check for updates, click on the update(s) is available" link.

Right click on a listed Windows Update that you wish to hide. If prompted with the UAC, click "yes" and, if you have one, enter the Admin password.

You will see that the now hidden Windows Update is grayed out.
When done, click on OK.

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To add to RAK's post, you can select multiple updates at one time, by "click dragging". :)

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