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Hi, was wondering if I could get any help, but recently I bought a really cheap laptop, and its storage was 30GB. Due to windows 10 being the size it is, that's pretty much all my storage eaten up. i have recently purchased an 240GB SSD but was wondering how I can move all the windows 10 files to the SSD. I know there is applications that can do it for you but they have subscriptions fees and i don't fancy paying £40. I cant reset the laptop through windows either as i cant get enough storage to reset it.

so what I'm asking overall is how I can reset my laptop and make the windows installation download to my SSD

( I don't know much about PC's so be nice pls :) )


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Yes, Macrium Reflect (free version) should do it. Download Macrium from here:

Install and run it. You will need to create a full backup of all the system partitions (not just drive C) - see here:

Store the backup image on an external hard drive.

Use Macrium Reflect to create a bootable image of itself on a pen drive.

Replace the old 30GB drive with the new SSD.

Boot Macrium Reflect from the pen drive.

Run the restore option from Macrium to restore the image you made to your SSD.

That should do it.