Storm crap

After a big storm hit, my internet went out and I can't go on it. It's been like this for 3 months already! I tried un-pluging the network and it still wonk work!

PS: I'm on my other PC.


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Some components may have been damaged by static electricity especially if it's a dial-up modem. If a storm is approaching and you haven't surge protection it's best to unplug from the network.

Contact your ISP, it sounds like to me the storm fried your modem and your router. Do you use surge protection? Do you use battery backup? If not I strongly suggest you get one and use it. They range in price form $40 up to $300 and more. I would stay away from the cheap stuff and stick with the midrange priced items. Better protection. Pick a brand and do some google searches and see what the products offer and then decide on what you want and need. Plug your PC, monitor, modem and router into the backup/surge side and all others into the surge only side. This should prevent it from happening again. This will allow you to power off safely in the event of power outages with out doing damage to your PC. I see a lot of people buying nice high end PC's and not use surge protection and battery backups. It's like buying a brand new car and not have auto insurance on it. If it gets wrecked it wont get fixed and you still have to pay for it. It's a little extra out of pocket cash but well worth the investment in the long run.


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If you unplugged the router it is more likely that you have a bad circuit coming from outside the house/apartment. Most of the time it seems to be the connection coming from outside the building. I would say this is the case the majority of the time - very often service techs will try to replace the modem or the wiring inside before they attempt to fix anything else that would require major service. I would say the DSL/Cable modem being damaged is unlikely but a possibility as well.

My friend sent me a message saying re-due your whole PC. But back-up. Lol I forgot to back it up but I'm fine now thanks anyways guys:)!

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