Strange Amazon Prime Problem


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OK so I normally use Linux as an operating system which I usually use to watch Amazon Prime videos on. I have just reinstalled it on my SSD with a newer version of Linux and have had issues this evening running Amazon Prime video owing I presume to codecs and the dreaded annoyance of DRM (which never stopped piracy anyway) and so this evening I went to watch an episode of a TV show on Prime on my windows installation and it has this strange blip of static on a regular basis. Its like the white bubbles static you used to see on old CRT TVs For anyone under the age of 20 reading this, you'll have to Google that.. BTW something like 1% of that is echo from the Big Bang. Anyway, when I play video from Prim it causes this strange blip of burst of white bubbles on my HDMY connected TV, it does happen with no programmes open or on watching YouTube, it only happens when Amazon Prime is setup to show a video. It even happens when the video is on pause and happens on multiple videos. There are virtually no technical settings for display settings on windows 10 so am not sure what to do. It has happened in Edge and Chrome. During the time I wrote this message it has not happened once and if I were watching Prime it would have happened several times. Any advice welcome, thanks.