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    -I have recently had an issue with my audio in windows 7. First of all let me fill you in on my config. I have had a 2.1 audio system with an additional subwoofer for the past few months and it has worked perfectly fine up to this point.

    -Earlier today I was playing minecraft and I noticed there was no audio. So I went and fiddled with the Realtek audio options and tried many troubleshooters to no avail. I then proceeded to uninstall and update my audio driver thinking that may be the issue, but no, there still was not audio for ANY of my games or music/movie files. There was only the system audio and adobe flash player (youtube) audio. After further fiddling I got the audio for my movies and music to work again. However, I am still at a loss as to what I should do to fix my game audio. None of the games I play have audio; they are completely devoid of sound.

    -Your help is greatly appreciated. If you need any more information I will be glad to supply it.
    Here a screenshot of Minecraft, which usually shows up in the Applications section of the audio mixer.
    Application not showing up.JPG
    This is a screenshot of what my current Realtek setup is, it is the same as it was before this issue occurred.
    Exact way I had it set when it was working.JPG
    In this screenshot I have the following enhancements selected, I had to adjust some settings to get the media player audio to work.
    Enhancements caused issues that I fixed.JPG
    Update, Nov 30th: Most of the Skyrim audio works, but some of it is not playing. Minecraft audio still doesn't work.
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