strange cause and effect phenomenom


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Hi folks, Happy Thanksgiving.
Win 7 RC (build 7100)
I have an Acer notebook with bluetooth (see my sig for specs).
It has a switch on the front right of the machine to turn the bluetooth on and off.
Because I don't use bluetooth I have it turned off and also have no drivers installed for it.

Now here is the strange part, I have both Ubuntu 9.04 and Ubuntu 9.10 installed on a USB external HDD.
These latest versions have a nasty feature/bug that turns on the bluetooth module even if the switch is turned off in Win 7.
If I forget to shut off bluetooth using the hardware switch when shutting down these two distros the module will be on when Win 7 boots.

If the module is on in Win 7 and I plug in a USB Flash device or USB HDD I find that the "safely remove icon" in the system tray is unresponsive. Clicking on it doesn't do anything until I turn off the bluetooth module with the hardware switch and then reboot.
On reboot the safely remove utility works just fine as long as the bluetooth module isn't powered on.
Strange eh.
Not really a problem but more an observation, although it kinda drove me nuts until I figured out what was happening.

Hope this helps anyone having the same issue.

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