Strange characters while typing in Word

I recently bought a new Asus laptop with Intel I5, Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64 bit installed. Using Microsoft Office 2003 Professional, I get intermittent errors while typing. Mostly with the ? / key and the ' key. Occasionally it will show a peculiar character and the only way I can avoid it is to find another ? I typed in the document prior to the error and cut and paste it in. Does anyone know why this is happening?

I also updated to Office Professional Edition 2010 with the same results.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Is this a new computer?

If you are getting erroneous input from keystrokes, I think I might check to make sure the keyboard type agreed in the control panel. Not sure exactly where to look for a 101 or some other type of keyboard.

The next thing would be to look for a keyboard driver.

Are any language packs involved which would change the keystrokes?

Yes, the computer is a new Asus laptop. There is only one language registered in control panel, Canadian English. We are not using an external keyboard.



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I don't know if office 2003 is involved in the situation, but it does seem to show up quite a bit in Windows 7 threads.

Updating to 2010 might have left something on your system that is still causing the problem. Are you using documents made with 2003 and does it make a difference if you use a .doc or .docx type of document.

It would seem logical, if Office is the only time the keys get messed up, that it is related to that.

Have you looked for an Office Uninstaller that might remove all pieces of 2003?

In Office 2010, there is an Layout Options under the Advanced options. Some of it concerns 2003.

If it isn't related to Office, I would look next at the keyboard setup.

Thanks for all the tips. We will try them and see what developes.


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