Strange error messages, please help.

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    Hello, first post here.

    I've had this PC for quite awhile with NO problems but today, more specifically tonight, something weird started happening with it. I went to play The Sims 3 and I got the message "The Sims 3 laucher has stopped working, search for a soultion" but nothing ever happens.

    Thinking it was a glitch, I restarted my comp, and on login got the message "GFxUI has stopped working." Then, "HP advisor has stopped working". I said oh great and my first though was virus. I ran a full system scan with Norton, over 500,000 files and nothing was found. No viruses, malware, spyware, etc. I also ran "Malwarebytes anti-malware" 6 infected files were found, and removed. Restared computer and problem persists.

    So I tried to open the Hardware Diagnostics Tool, same message. "Hardware Diagnostics has stopped working"..I think you get the point.

    When I try to open Realplayer I get the message "Realplayer was unable to load a required component. If this error persists after rebooting your computer, please try reinstalling the application." Details: Could not creat actor - guid not found Http://

    I tried a system restore to yesterday, which completed successfully but the problem persists. I'm at a bit of a loss here, does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for reading!

    I have tried to view the "Event Viewer" recommended in the sticky, and this is the error picture I get:


    I ran a performance monitor and the results are as follows:


    (click to enlarge)

    If you have any idea I'd really appreciate some help. I'm not TOTALLY computer challenged and if you can give me instructions I can run certain things.

    - Chad

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