Strange font choice in Microsoft Word Viewer

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Exp HP, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Two of my teachers gave me .doc files for something or another, and both of these files have a strange problem I've never seen before:

    Microsoft Word Viewer has apparently decided that it doesn't know what to do with certain text elements, and so it decides to display them in the MaplePi font.

    This is a greek letter font that comes with Maple, a program for creating math documents. As you might imagine, I do not particularly enjoy seeing a document in all greek text.

    I have no idea what font it's supposed to be using. I don't know anything about what the document is supposed to be. All I know is that if I open the document in, it appears in Arial Rounded MT Bold.


    What could possibly be going on? Why is Microsoft Word Viewer trying to display a document in a font like MaplePi (which isn't even a built-in font!)?

    Oh, and yes I've checked my region settings. No, my computer does not think I live in ancient Greece.

    I have Microsoft Office Word Viewer (11.8328.8329) SP3.
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    Try this:

    Open it with Microsoft Word.
    Choose "Save As" and choose the file type "Plain Text(.txt)"
    When you click OK, WORD will open a dialog box to encode it. Choose "Other Encoding" and pick your encode. For Hebrew for example it would be Unicode (UTF-8).
    Then just change the .txt to .doc and try again.

    Make a copy of the original before you play around with it for it might become unreadable.

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