strange occurance

Alright...I loaded a retail version of 7 this morning (at home). No problems it seemed. I already had 3 partitions, two of which had operating systems, one XP Pro 64 bit and the other the rtm of 7 and one was strictly for files (the windows section had been removed previously). When the new os loaded I went right away to see my drives and what I saw was that the one partition that had the programs/files I stored was not there. Thje new OS which I labeled "Z" had now become "C", which was the one I wanted to locate.

So I rebooted and sure enough I had 3 choices to make so I took the XP and it loaded with no issues. I went to look at the drives/partitions and sure enough the old "C" was there with all my files intact and working.

So, does anyone know why I can't access those files or even see them when I am in the newest OS? My main issue is my COD files. I play it every night to unwind and I want to play it on the new OS because I have seen a dramatic increase in FPS in the RTO version of 7 (which expires in March). Is there a way to make some kind of link from the XP drive to the new one? I need something that works fairly fast as my time is always limited with 3 young kids and a wife that is a teacher who always wants something when I get ready to play COD. This is no laughing matter, even though it is a bit funny.


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Is the old partition NTFS or FAT32? If it's FAT32 then 7 won't see it...(just a guess)

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